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Adelia Nollet

Psychic reading - Astrology - Tarot

Yoga - healing

Nosara, Costa Rica



My name is Adélia and I am working with the subtle world for more than 15 years now. I had the chance to dive into this world at a very young age and be surrounded by people who could drive my evolution in this realm in a very secure process. Being able to close and open the doors of the perception and learn how to manage it was part of my evolution. 


In my appointment I use the subtle perceptions and clairvoyance to work in agreement with the free will and the progress of the person. Each person is in relationship with his interior guide and his verticality to expand his consciousness.

I lived in different places in the world and now that I am living in Nosara, Costa Rica, it is time for me to open my skills to the people living here.

Feel free to contact me to book an appointment.

Private appointment 

psychic reading - Evolution of consciousness & Guidance
In this session I use all the tools that I have to help you in your path and give you the best options of realisation. I use my psychic abilities to connect with the subtle and energetic structure of your essence. Tarot and Astrology are part of the process to help me see your potentialities and possibilities. You tell me what you want to solve in your life and I communicate with your consciousness to remove blockages and allow better realizations of your potentialities.
I also give you the guidance you need for your futur.

Astrology reading
Consultation Astral.png
Based on your natal chart. It will help you to connect with you inner self, your path of life and your karmic challenges. It will help you to see the potentialities you have and the possibilities coming.
Tarot reading
I use the Tarot of Marseilles to do the reading.
This appointment helps to raise awareness and chose the best options. It helps opening new doors of consciousness leading to other path of life.
Hands on energy healing in order to let the energy flow through the body and heal what needs to be healed. The entire process works either on the physical, emotional, mind and spiritual body. It helps to release the tensions, unblock the nodes and give access to the healing process of your own beeing.  

Online reading available for all session, contact me to book an appointment.


"Adelia is a magical person--I have never had a reading in which I felt so cared for. She is gentle, smart, and has a lovely sense of humor. Her spirit is definitely of a healer, but she doesn't hold back the difficult things you need to hear. Her readings and the messages she gave me made a huge positive impact. I would recommend her to anyone!"


"Adelia’s tarot reading was the best I have ever received. Her insight was spot-on. It was obvious from our interaction that she is a highly-skilled & intuitive healer. I have already put several of my friends in touch with her. Whether you need comprehensive assessments or a general awareness of your personal circumstances, Adelia is the right person for you. I plan on using her again in the future."


"Adelia is an amazing intuitive healer. I was fortunate to meet her while In Nosara and she completed an astrology and tarot reading for me. Every single thing she mentioned was spot on and she gave excellent guidance. It is easy to see that she has a true gift. Adelia is very personable and emanates loving empathic energy that stays with you after your time with her. I plan to reconnect with her for virtual readings and highly recommend her to anyone interested."


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